All particle filters need maintenance and all particle filters need cleaning.

Mit der Maus können Sie den Regenerationsofen drehen.



Operating Principle

Special Combustion Chamber with electronic regulation for combustion / regeneration of diesel particle filters.

In order to protect the diesel engine from a too high exhaust back pressure the particles in the filter have to be combusted regularly. This process is being called regeneration. On this behalf the soot is being combusted and transformed mainly into carbon oxide (CO2) and water vapor.  A residue, for example resulting from combusted oil, remains in the filter as ash deposit.

Even a perfect regeneration process may not remove all soot and ash particles from a filter.

These non-regenerable particles have to be removed in regular intervals from the filter by means of a combustion chamber thereof.



If the filter module is loaded with soot and foreign particles, at first is being cleaned in a blow-out station. The pre-cleaned, blown-out filter secondly is combusted in the regeneration combustion chamber.

Cleaning of the filter takes place according to a pre-defined program. In the first level (approx. 2½ h) the filter is being heated up and thus dried out. After drying the filter module is being cooled down and further foreign particles are being removed in the blow-out station thereof. Subsequently level two of the cleaning process takes place, the actual regeneration (approx. 6 h). After cooling down the filter module is ready to be reused.



  • Gentle cleaning
  • All-round heating by means of protected heating spirals
  • Low energy consumption thanks to optimal insulation
  • Very mobile thanks to low weight
  • Fully-automated control



Appropriate for drying and cleaning of coated and uncoated diesel particle filters made from cordierite or silicon carbide.