Filter Surveillance System.

Operating Principle and Technology

The Physitec DYNtest System is a surveillance system for particle filters intended to alert to unallowably high exhaust back-pressures which might be caused by a filter overloaded by diesel soot. The surveillance system detects too high back-pressures or damages at the filter and, in a first step, alerts the operator of the device by display indicator lights and in a second step by acoustic signals (optional). In addition to that the device measures the exhaust temperature in front of the particle filter.

The current values of pressure and temperature are being indicated by LED on the off-road display. Pressure and temperature values are being recorded and saved permanently. Alarms remain active until the values have reached a normal level again and are within range. The alarm and the acknowledgement of the alarm are being recorded indicating both date and time.


Off-Road Display in the Driver’s Cab

This display has been developed for machines containing diesl particle filters which are exposed to extreme environmental influences.



  • Monitors the functioning of diesel particle filters
  • Records all relevant operational data of the filter system
  • Helps to prevent possible damages at the filter respectively consequential damages at the motor thereof
  • Ensures a longer life cycle of the machines
  • Recording period of at least 360 days (24h)
  • Apt for CAN-Bus and GSM- / GPRS- / GPS-Modules



  • Measures and records exhaust back-pressure (0 up to 600 mbar) and temperature (50 up to 1050°C)
  • When a defined threshold has been reached a warning is given
  • Recording takes place consistently during machine operation
  • -Measured data may be transferred to a PC and processed thereof



  • For OFF-Road-Vehicles: Display with alarm signal light and acknowledgement sensor
  • For ON-Road-Vehicles: Indication display for alarm output, measured values and parameter setting