Diesel Particle Filter serving as Easy-Change-Filter.

You can turn the combustion chamber with your mouse.


Operating Principle and Technology

When active regeneration of the diesel particle filter may not be carried out due to time-related reasons, the easy-change filter system (SiC-W) can be used. The filter modules can be changed easily be means of the quick release straps and they can be combusted during a separate regeneration station thereof. This takes places after the maximum exhaust back pressure has been indicated to the driver on the exhaust back pressure surveillance device. The vehicle then may be equipped with a cleaned filter module and is thus ready for further usage immediately.



  • Fully independent from the exhaust temperature
  • Inexpensive diesel particle filter system
  • Fast and easy changing of the filter cartridge
  • Easy, quick handling
  • Filter module may be replaced by a  muffled acoustics module
  • Robust, extremely long life cycle
  • Flexibly adaptable to your vehicle
  • Extreme regeneration
  • Compact design
  • Sound absorption



  • With respect to mobile machines and devices which neither have to pay attention to exhaust temperatures nor conditions of usage such as e.g.: fork-lifts, telescopic handlers, rollers,
  • For vehicles and devices containing of diesel engines between 18 and 140kW



  • Diesel particle filter made of silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Regeneration by means of electronic heating
  • VERT certified and accredited
  • Requirements according to TRGS554 fulfilled for Germany
  • No NO2-increase
  • Decrease of particle emissions ≥ 99%
  • Reduction of puffs of smoke ≥ 98%


Image 3: Schematic display – Diesel particle easy-change filter SiC-W